Amber Harris

Amber grew up working on her family’s farm where she learned discipline and a good work ethic. At age 14 Amber started her own dog breeding business that is also used to bring hope to those who suffer with mental illness. When she was 19 she started another business and is in the process of starting a non-profit organization helping families who have lost loved ones in the agriculture industry, just as her family had.

Heaven Alves

At Diamond Heating & Cooling, Heaven empowers women in trade as the Dispatcher for two departments. When her postgraduate military plans were crushed, she readjusted, never gave up and decided to further her STEM pursuits at Boise State this Winter. Born in small town Idaho, Heaven leapt to the Boise area where she balances a work/school/pageant life and furthers her dreams of modeling. When not working, she enjoys the movement of lyrical dance.

Amanda Kelly

Amanda is a Home Loan Officer whose lifelong passion for the housing industry has driven her career and personal success. Because of this, she has helped many Idahoans achieve homeownership & has recently obtained her first investment property. She strives to advocate for more affordable housing legislation in Idaho & hopes to see programs expanded in the near future. Amanda is optimistic for her role towards creating a brighter & better Idaho.

Kaitlyn Widmyer

After living in Paris, Kaity utilized her fashion and pageant experience and started Coeur d’Alene Fashion Week, and was directly responsible for generating jobs, recruiting pageant contestants and uplifting community morale. She has furthered her entrepreneurial endeavors as a clothing boutique owner, a social media marketing manager for a local resort and a gallery represented artist. No longer a Division I volleyball player, she still loves to pick up a game on the beach.

Keylee Croteau

With her creative mind and knowledge, Keylee has recently started her own business where she uses the lens of her camera to help women feel confidently unique. As a born and raised Idahoan Keylee enjoys spending time horseback riding, fishing and adventuring with her family. Keylee does not set her goals low and continues to help others realize what they are capable of, because “if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”.

Jackie Andreason

Jackie, 24, is a graduate from Boise State University with a Bachelors Degree in health science. She plans on pursuing a career in dental hygiene with a goal of implementing affordable and effective dental care. She currently manages a dental office promoting oral hygiene and helping her patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Jackie’s hobbies include golfing and raising her new fur baby, Hank.

Tara Ryan

Tara is a 23-year-old student at North Idaho College. Having two very young brothers inspired her to want to improve the educational system to better prepare youths for a more fulfilling and mentally healthy future. She also has a deep passion for learning herself, especially for anything historical or psychological. When she’s not furthering her education you can find her at the local movie theater, either working or watching the latest films.

Airiana Carlos-Lee

Airiana, 25, is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. She plans to pursue her education and obtain her MBA in the near future. As a developing entrepreneur Airiana is the owner and founder of Real World Queens pageant consulting, helping girls prepare for the real world. In her free time she enjoys going to the driving range, traveling and rock climbing.

Sierra Norman

With a heart for service, Sierra is a second-year medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine and has spent years advocating for children across Idaho. Sierra encourages a love of service in future generations through mentorship and hopes to make a lasting impact on young girls with her children’s book “Snotty is Naughty.” With her life experiences, Sierra encompasses qualities that thoroughly prepare her for the role of Miss Idaho USA.

Natasha Reams

Natasha, originally from rural Alaska, is a sophomore at BSU studying English. Passionate about creativity, self-expression, and adventure; she hopes to use her degree to teach English as a foreign language. If Natasha wins, she plans to donate her scholarship winnings to childhood cancer research in honor of her brother, Erik Reams, who passed away at age 7. She hopes to honor her brother through this experience and boost her own confidence and self-expression.