Brook Pierce

Brooke, age 23, is an ambitious jack of all trades. She is passionate about the well-being of others and is a certified yoga instructor. Having a great appreciation for financial planning she is also a licensed life and health insurance broker. In her free time, she likes to compose songs, spend time with her family, and laugh at her own jokes. Her greatest goal in life is to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Elle Taylor

Elle Taylor, Miss Snake River, is a PhD student at Liberty University pursuing a degree in psychology with an emphasis on theology. During the week, she is a resident equine psychotherapist who is passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves. Her platform is called Valley of Dry Bones, whose mission is to help the people of Idaho with issues related to substance use disorders. She is a devout Christian and wife.

Braylyn Peterson

Braylyn Peterson, is 20 years old and an Idaho resident for 17 years, she enjoys spending time outside and speaking up about invisible disabilities, With the confidence and network from pageantry, she hopes to inspire young girls and women struggling with invisible disabilities all over the world, that they’re worthy and can do great things, helping to instill confidence and leadership not only for a brighter future ahead, for a brighter future in pageantry too.

Alexis Ashley (Downie)

Cassidy June

Cassidy, 24, is planning on pursing her RN degree in the Fall. After years of working in the medical field as a CNA she is ready to take the big leap and chase her goals of becoming an aesthetic nurse one day. When not working, Cassidy enjoys spending time with her two fur babies, taking the Jeep out rock crawling, and fishing & hunting with her Grandpa.

Abigail Hutchins

Idaho Native, first-generation graduate, Abbey, is former Meridian Parks Commisioner, and Vice Chair of Meridian MYAC, where she has lobbied multiple statewide and national laws. She shines in leadership roles, owning a business and interning at Disney World. Dedicated to suicide prevention, her vibrant spirit is supported by her sponsor, Demitrious @ Barbacoa, and her community, who she has dedicated over 500 hours of service to. She will pursue her Master’s in the fall.

Sierra Sanchez

Sierra Sanchez, 28, is currently working in Higher Education politics in Downtown Boise. She graduated from Boise State University with her Master of Social Work degree. Sierra is a published author of her children’s book “Jasara: Parable of the Lost Sheep.” Sierra’s future plans include applying to a PhD in Social Work or recording a music album. Her passions include travel, salsa dancing, and hiking.

Anna Benavente

Anna Benavente, an exceptional individual embodying versatility and resilience. Seamlessly balancing diverse roles, a flight attendant, business owner, realtor, and compassionate caregiver to her mother battling Alzheimer’s. Beyond her professions, Anna champions breaking barriers inspiring the youth to overcome challenges. Standing as a beacon, emphasizing the transformative power of perseverance and embracing discomfort for personal growth. Anna’s impact extends beyond the runway; she aspires to create supportive communities for Alzheimer’s caregivers, embodying compassion and understanding.

Katie Tetreault

Katie Tetreault is a 28-year-old model and the proud founder of the nonprofit organization, Achieve Now. Her journey has been defined by self-determination, resilience, and the transformative power of the positive self-talk narrative we create. Today, she is a testament to what we can achieve when we believe the positive stories, we tell ourselves. This is where my platform Notes to Self began.

Kaitlyn Widmyer

Kaitlyn Widmyer, 28, is a stylist and Director of Community Outreach at Marmalade, a luxury boutique. As Executive Producer of CDA Fashion Week, founded in 2021, she champions local designers and models. With a bachelor’s in Finance and French, a minor in Accounting, and pursuing a Master’s in Creative Leadership, Kaitlyn is passionate about applying her education to her local community. She advocates for the Made with Kindness Foundation and founded the Idaho Angels Foundation and Fresh Artist Agency.